Laminate Flooring

in Manassas, VA

In regard to laminate flooring installations, most believe that “if your wood floor is not totally leveled, a floating mechanism is your best option.” Don’t be fooled by those “Flooring Fakers!” With the 20+ years that has invested in commercial and residential laminate flooring installations, almost half of all the repairs we have been requested to do by those other “Flooring Fakers” have been due to unleveled floors, requiring the removal, leveling and replacing of the unleveled surface. This results in additional labor and material cost. Why deal with the headaches of reworks, when you can have T&B Floors, Inc. do it correctly and properly the first time, with a warranty that guarantees our work? At T&B Floors, Inc., you'll get the highest quality custom installations at the lowest prices in Virginia, Maryland and the entire D.C Metro area.

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