About T&B Floors, Inc.

T&B Floors, Inc. is a flooring installation company employing installers and estimators with over 20 years of flooring experience. The installers and inspectors with our company work for much larger retail chains and individual contractors. Quality flooring materials are available at reasonable prices, but even the finest, most attractive materials will look sub-par if installed with sloppy workmanship.

Highest Quality. Lowest Prices. Guarunteed.

At T&B Floors, Inc., you get the highest quality custom installations at the lowest prices in the entire D.C. Metro area. Only service professionals with 10 to 20 years of flooring experience will work on your installations. We guarantee our work with a 100% worry free 2-year labor warranty.

T&B Floors, Inc. beats all the competition, from the large retail chains to the independent contractors. When it comes to the best prices, customer service and customer satisfaction, T&B Floors, Inc. is number one!

So, go ahead and find your best price on the flooring materials you want in your home. Whether you choose hardwood flooring installation, ceramic, carpet, vinyl, or stone - get your best deal. Then call T&B Floors, Inc.. We can even arrange for delivery of your flooring materials.

Don't Be Fooled By The Competition

  • Don't be fooled by low prices on flooring that come with expensive installation costs.
  • Don't settle for poor quality installation work at a low-ball price.
  • Don't accept an offer from a company that will not guarantee and warranty their work.

Call Us Today!

Call T&B Floors, Inc. today. We provide a detailed estimate to complete any flooring project. This includes removal of your existing flooring, as well as all moldings and transitions.